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Is there anyway to build horizontal navigation into the templates rather than vertical navigation?

Yes. You can do horizontal main-page links and/or horizontal sub-page links (#HMAINS# and #HSUBS#, respectively). Or as a third option you could just hard-code your links.

Do I have to build the template entirely within Soholaunch or can I still design in Photoshop, created slices, make CSS, build database, write php, etc like I'm used to?

Everything is the same except that when building a Soholaunch template you don't have to build the database or write the php like you're used to. Once you've created the .psd, sliced it up, and created the css/html, you're pretty much done (with the template).

What files do I need to include in my template zip? Just the files for the template, or do you need screenshots for the add-ons page as well?

Just the files for the template. You add/manage the screenshots that display on the Soholaunch Addons website through the Addons website. Specifically, Manage Account > My Addons > Manage Screenshots

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