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Now that all the highly technical issues have been resolved, its time to boot up the Website Builder product and start creating your web site. To access the product, you will need a web browser.

Every web site has either an IP address OR URL associated with it. This makes your site accessible via a browser from the Internet. In most cases, URL’s are not made “live” until the web site has been created and is ready to go out to the world. For this reason, you can always access the “under construction” web site via the assigned IP address or a temporary URL assigned by you or your hosting providor. To access the Website Builder product, type the following into your browser: http://your_url/sohoadmin/index.php

Remember, your URL in the above example is the url or IP address required to access your website.If the preceding steps were completed correctly, you should see the Setup and Configuration Screen. The Server OS Indicator is centered at the top in bold, red text (note: the same code works in both the Linux and Windows OS).

In this step, you will assign default server values that allow the product to operate correctly. In most cases, the default values will be filled in for the server information and is generally correct. The mySQL database information such as name, username and password should be entered based on information supplied to you by your hosting provider or from the setup procedure.

If there are any issues with the previous installation steps or communication problems with the database, the product will notify you at this time. Please confirm this information is correct before continuing because it is important that this information be correct for the Soholaunch Website Builder to operate correctly.

If everything goes smoothly, you should be presented with a LOGIN screen after clicking the continue button. This may take several seconds to appear the first time through.

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