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Each of your sites database table may be downloaded to your hard drive for backup, reference, and/or modification. To do so, click on the Download link next to a table’s name, specify the location in which to save its information, and click Save.

When downloaded, site data tables are saved in .csv format, and are semicolon delimited.

How to import your CSV data into Microsoft Excel™

1. Open Excel to a blank worksheet

2. For Excel 2007: Select DATA -> FROM TEXT...

2. For Excel prior to 2007: Select DATA -> GET EXTERNAL DATA -> IMPORT TEXT FILE...

3. Select the name of the CSV file you downloaded from the system. (Note: You may have to set windows to look for CSV files)

4. Follow the on-screen wizard and set your "delimiter" to a "Semi-Colon" (;)

5. Once import is complete, you can save your data as an XLS file or some other format for your use.

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