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This API is designed to allow plugin and template developers to automate the process of issuing licenses for plugins and templates they if they have to install one of their own addons on a bunch of sites and don't want to have to manually generate a license for each addon on each domain via the Soholaunch Addons > Manage Account > My Licenses > Test Licenses.

API Script URL to hit

Note: https:// will work too. Your choice.


Required variables/parameters to pass

You can pass these to the api script via GET or POST — Your choice.

parameter name example value description
email Email address you use to log-in to your Soholaunch Addons account (the account that 'owns' the addon you're trying to license).
password superB0b1 Password address you use to log-in to your Soholaunch Addons account.
addon_folder QUICKEDIT_DROPDOWN or AGRICULTURE-FarmSickle-Vertical_Menu If licensing a plugin, this is should be the name of your plugin folder. If licensing a template, this should be the name of your template folder.
license_type "domain" or "server" Set to "domain" if issuing a license of a single domain or "server" if issuing a license for an entire web server.
license_domain or The domain name of the website (or host name of server) you want to license this addon for. Do not include "http://" or "www.". Both will be stripped. All lower-case preferably buy case is forced to lower anyway by api.


API will output "success" or an error message.

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