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The Page Editor

The operational core of the Soholaunch Website Builder is it's Page Editing Module, which manages all website content through an easy to use, "drag-and-drop" interface. Through the Page Editing Module, or Page Editor, the user can create and manage an infinite number of content pages for use in the Website Builder's various modules. The top navigation bar has changed to accommodate functions of the Page Editor such as saving the current page, modifying the page's properties, and previewing the page. The object bar contains all the objects that are able to be placed in a drop zone within the content area of the current page.

Page Editor

To place an item on the page, simply Drag (Click and hold) an object from the object bar and Drop (Release Mouse Button) it into the drop zone of your choice. Multiple objects can be place in a single drop zone, but when deleting, the entire drop zone is removed. To delete a drop zone, Drag the "Delete" object on top of the drop zone and Drop it.

Linking an Image

You may wish to link an image to another web site, email address or other page within your site. If so, once the image is placed in a drop zone, simply click the image and a linking dialog will appear for you to make the selections for your link.You can only use one option for linking. If more than one option is selected or filled out, the option farthest to the left will take precedence.


Formatting Issues

All objects are constrained to fit within the designated “drop zone” inside the Page Editor, but display differently when viewed through your site. When viewed from the web site, objects will expand and contract based on pre-defined layout definitions. Preprogrammed objects can be dragged and dropped into any of the 30 "drop areas" on the page. Multiple objects can be placed in single drop areas and can be moved to different areas if they need to be repositioned on the page.

Image Sizing

The content area itself is "liquid", and will expand and contract as necessary to meet your design specifications. However, in certain cases, images placed within the page editor will be contracted to fit into the dimensions of the 612px Page editor table. If an image that is larger than 612px in width is placed by itself on one of the Page Editor’s content rows, the #sitebuilder# will shrink the image to fit within the 612px width. If the combined width of two images placed directly adjacent to each other in the Page Editor exceeds 612 pixels, one or both of them will be down-sized as necessary to fit. The behavior of this “shrinking” effect is represented in the image below. Note: The Page Editor scales images proportionally, meaning that image’s height is reduced equally with its width.

Note: Images are the only objects that are contracted to fit within the 612px width of the Page Editor's content area; all other objects will expand and contract based on your design specifications.

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