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What this page is

This page is a simple repository of problems/questions/issues (i.e. reported in support tickets, etc) and the resolution/answer that was ultimately given.

Keep in mind

  • Some problems may be identical in symptoms but have different resolutions in different cases.
  • Some solutions are written from Soholaunch staff perspective and involve tasks that only Soholaunch staff can perform (i.e. manually modifying partner account settings, key records, etc).

ERROR: Could not connect to database 'whatever_sope1' (localhost). Your database server may be down or your database setup may be wrong.

Note: Only applies if your site is working fine one day and then throws up this error suddenly. And only applies when your web hosting company is running cPanel.

This is a cPanel bug that causes the mysql user to lose it's rights to the database.

To fix log-in to cpanel and just re-assign the database user to the database via the MySQL feature in cPanel for this account.

ERROR: You don't have permission to access /sohoadmin/program/modules/mods_full/database_manager/create_table.php on this server

If you're getting this error, it means that your web hosting company has security settings in place that prevent you from trying to access urls with the words "create table" in them.

If your web hosting company protests, you can prove the point by creating and empty html file called "create_table.html" and uploading it somewhere on your site. Try to pull it up in your browser. You'll get the same error.

Contact your web host and tell them that you need this filter disabled, at least for your site.

Forms won't send auto-reply emails to aol/yahoo address

Applies to
Windows servers running IIS
Other symptoms
If you look in the mail que the message will be in there with a "Could not deliver message to the following recipients....554 transaction failed.
Possible Fix
In your php.ini make sure there is a value for the sendmail_from property.

PayPal Error: This invoice has already been paid

Using the same paypal account to process payments on more than one website can lead invoice numbers being repeated between the two sites. PayPal sees these as duplicates and throws up an error message.
On the website getting the error use Database Table Manager to insert a "bumper" record into the cart_invoice table. This record will essentially bump up the incremental ORDER_NUMBER field so that invoice numbers begin counting from a much higher number that your other site(s) will never catch up to. Example: If you're up to ORDER_NUMBER "10092" using "20092" for your "bumper" record would give you a 10000 order pad before you had to worry about conflict. In your bumper record the value of the ORDER_NUMBER field is all that matters. You can leave the rest of the fields blank.
You can delete your bumper record from the cart_invoices table right after you insert it. The insert action itself sets mysql's internal pointer for that ORDER_NUMBER field up to the new number you fill-in and it will start counting from there when the next order is placed.

Branding Controls settings not working

Some branding settings applied but now changes to branding settings don't take.
Duplicate partner accounts. Old partner account was deleted, but some domains were still associated with the deleted account and branding settings still existed for the old account.
Manually modified the key records for domains associated with the old account. You can accomplish the same thing by logging in to the partner area deleting the domain license via the partner area then re-adding it...that will ensure it is associated with your current partner account.

PLUGIN INSTALL ERROR: Unable to extract plugin zip file

shell_exec() disabled on server.
Changed the way plugin manager extracts the zip file. As of v4.9 r60 and later it uses exec() instead of shell_exec().
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