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This guide is structured to allow experienced developers levels to quickly realize the ease and effectiveness with which the Soholaunch Website Builer manages advanced web functionality. Less experienced users should refer to the Soholaunch Website Builder Users Manual, which is available through the Soholaunch website (www.soholaunch.com). After installing the Soholaunch Website Builder, you will use it to develop a website for a fictitious client that includes an Online Shopping Cart, Secure Users, and eNewsletter Campaign. Once this process is completed, you will be extremely familiar with the manner in which the Soholaunch Website Builder operates, and are encouraged to experiment further, as many of its other exceptional features are not covered in this guide.


5 min. Installs the Soholaunch Website Builder on your Linux or Windows-based server

15 min. Familiarizes you with basic operation of the Soholaunch Website Builder and Page Editing Module

15 min. Uses the Soholaunch Website Builder’s Shopping Cart Module to add and configure an eCommerce System

5 min. Uses the Soholaunch Website Builder's eNewsletter Module to add and configure an email newsletter campaign.

10 min. Manages access to the recently created calendar and Shopping Cart

Client Information

Your example client, A1 Widgets, has hired you to build a website for their developing business. Currently, they only wish to sell their most popular product, called the Super Widget, through their website, but expect to offer others as their distribution capacities grow. Because of their rapidly-expanding product line, they would like to advertise new products by sending email newsletters (Widget News) to those who subscribe or make a purchase through the website. In addition to their public product line, A1 Widgets also develops custom widgets for its only reseller, B2 Custom Widgets. Because they develop several custom widgets at a time, they would like to post progress reports on their website that only B2 Custom Widgets can access via an assigned username and password. They are still working on content, but need to see a working model built to their specifications as soon as possible.

Site Map for A-1 Widgets Site

  • Home
  • Page
  • Newsletter
  • Signup
  • Products
  • Progress
  • Reports for
  • B2 Custom Widgets
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