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Translating Soholaunch into another language

For purposes of example, let's say we want to translate Soholaunch into Piglatin.

Make a copy of the current english.php strings file

  1. Make a copy of this file:


  1. Rename it to "mylanguage.php", like so:


  1. Open the file (dutch.php) in some kind of text/code editor. Plain-ol' Windows' Notepad will work, but I'd recommend something that has syntax highlighting for php files (for the sake of readability).

  1. Now it's just a matter of going through and translating every line.

For example, you'd change this line... $lang["Main Menu"] = "Main Menu";

...into something like this: $lang["Main Menu"] = "Hoofd Menu";

When you're finished, send your translated language file to at and we'll integrate it into the next product build.

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