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For purposes of example, let's say we want to translate Soholaunch into Piglatin.

Basic overview

1. Make a copy of the current english.php strings file

2. Rename file to mylanguage.php, open it up, translate

3. Send it to us so we can integrate it into the next product build

Detailed instructions

Grab this file from one of your soho sites (make sure it's on the latest available version so you get the most up-to-date strings file)...


Rename your copy to "mylanguage.php", like so:


Open the file (piglatin.php) in some kind of text/code editor. Plain-ol' Windows' Notepad will work, but I'd recommend something that has syntax highlighting for php files (for the sake of readability).

Now it's just a matter of going through and translating every line.

For example, you'd change this line...

$lang["Main Menu"] = "Main Menu";

...into something like this:

$lang["Main Menu"] = "Ainmay Enumay";

When you're finished, send your translated language file to at and we'll integrate it into the next product build.

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