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This is place for all miscellaneous tips and solutions gleamed from various customer inquiries and support incidents.


Session Expired Message

Possible causes:

  • site-specific copies of php.ini in several site directories
  • permissions locked down on the server directory (usually /tmp) that stores session data (common on windows servers)
  • folder on server that stores session files is full or running out of space
  • restrictive .htaccess settings

Cannot view invoices in Internet Explorer

Symptom: You are unable to view a sales invoice via Shopping Cart > View Online Orders/Invoices > View. Usually reported by Windows Vista users.

Possible cause: Your website URL is being blocked by Internet Explorer's security settings.

1. go to tools, internet options. 2. select SECURITY tab > then Trusted Sites > Sites. 3. both hTtp: your site and HTTPS : YOUR SITE HAS TO BE IN THERE "ADD". DONT HAVE REQUIRED SERVER AUTHORAZATION CHECK?

Website is blank

Symptom: Can log-in and make changes via sohoadmin tool but website itself is completely blank.

Possible cause: bad index.php in docroot (i.e. public_html) folder.

Solution: Log-in via FTP and delete public_html/index.php then log-in via /sohoadmin so fresh master copy of index.php can get copied over.

Hit Counter isn't working

Log-in to your site via FTP and navigate your way through the folders to get to this file...


Right click > Properties > Check all the boxes so permissions are 777

Get "session expired" error when the product window launches after login

Generally, there are two causes/solutions...

Log-in at the "www." address

Problem: Your server's set up so that session data won't pass between "" and "". So if the installation domain setup in the sohoadmin config file is "" and you go to "" without the "www." it launches the new window on the installtion domain "with www.", your login data is not found, and you get the session expired error.

Workaround: log-in "the other way". If you tried logging-in via "" and got the error, try logging-in via "".

Permissions on the server's tmp directory

If you get the session expired error and the first possible cause described above (www. versus no-www.) isn't the issue and you get the error all the time no matter which domain you try to login from, then it may be that the permissions are too tight on your servers "/tmp" folder...which is where session data is stored on most servers.

Setup form error about OSTYPE when installing

This problem is just a precursor to several other strange problems you're going to have until you change this value in your php.ini...

register_long_arrays = off
register_long_arrays = on

Note: Fixed for the setup form in v4.9 r35.

Goes into free trial mode when trying to create a base-only lifetime license

As of v4.9 the product will default to the free trial period if you don't enable any of the modules. This is a built-in behaviour now and doesn't actually cost you any feature licenses or anything, but if you'd like you can disable the free trial mode via Branding Controls in the partner area.

Cannot save header text, company logo, etc in Template Manager

To fix:

  1. Go to the Help Center
  2. Click the Diagnostics button at the top
  3. Look under "Special Tools"
  4. Click "Check/fix system db table structure"

If that doesn't work, try the "Make sure all system db tables exist" link too.

How do I find out my server hostname and IP Address?

Create a .php script that looks like this, upload it to your site, and pull it up in your browser.


# Get IP by global var or reverse dns lookup (if global var not set)
if ( $_SERVER['SERVER_ADDR'] != "" ) {
   $my_ip_address = $_SERVER['SERVER_ADDR'];
} elseif ( gethostbyname(php_uname(n)) != "" ) {
   $my_ip_address = gethostbyname(php_uname(n));

echo "My hostname: [".php_uname(n)."]<br>";
echo "My IP address: [".$my_ip_address."]";


Internal server error issues

If your server is running suexec, permissions on all files and folders need to be 755 with an owner and group of cpaneluser.cpaneluser. You will get a "Internal Server Error" or "Error 500" when permissions are not this way. To fix this issue use the following 2 commands on the doc root.

chmod -R 0755 public_html


:chown -R cpaneluser.cpaneluser public_html

Server config conflicts to check for

Make sure mysql is NOT running in "strict" mode. 
This can prevent insert statements from working properly -- a problem typically evidenced by not being able to log-in to a newly-installed copy of Pro Edition (you'll keep getting the "invalid username/password" error)
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