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;IMPORTANT: This function is deprecated and should not be used. Newly submitted plugins that use this function will not be accepted.

hook_overwrite(source file name, plugin file name)
Completely overwrites a source file with the file you specify.
Original source file is renamed to filename.php-[plugin_folder_name] so it can be restored if plugin is uninstalled.

Example 1 - calling hook_overwrite from your install_manifest.php
hook_overwrite("sohoadmin/program/main_menu.php", "your_modded_main_menu.php");


  • The hook_overwrite method is utilized in the article "Creating a basic plugin"
  • Try to avoid using this method if possible, because it makes your plugin more succeptable to conflicts with other plug-ins, especially on central files that many other plugins might be touching. hook_overwrite is meant to be a "last resort", "bazooka", and/or "club over the head" method for cases where modifications to the original source file are so extensive (or so numerous) using hook_replace() would require you to spend the next 48 hours of your life chronicalling all of the individual changes in your replacement manifest.
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