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hook_special(target special hook, data array)
Utilizes special hook built-in to make it easier for your plugin to tie into a certain commonly-utilized areas of the product (like adding a button for your plugin to the main menu).

Available special hooks


Used to add a draggable icon object for your plugin to the Page Editor.

Note: This only a part of what is involved in adding your plugin to the Page Editor. For more detailed information see Plugging-in to the Page Editor.

$data = array(); 
$data['draggable_object_image'] = "eng-icon_scroll.gif"; 
$data['draggable_object_id'] = "scroll_obj"; 
$data['properties_dialog_id'] = "scrollProps"; 
$data['mod_folder'] = $plugin_folder; 
$data['properties_dialog_file'] = $plugin_folder."/scroll_props.php"; 
$data['place_object_js_function'] = $plugin_folder."/scroll_js.php";
hook_special("page_editor_object", $data);
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