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Offer your customers your own template collection

To make your custom templates available to every user on your server, wrap them all up in a zip file and upload them can be anywhere, as long as it's accessible from the internet.

For example, let's say you upload your .zip file full of templates to...

Then log-in to the Partner Area and go to "Branding Controls". Under "Templates" check the "My own templates" box, for the "URL path to template library .zip..." field fill-in

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Rename/Delete a page that won't delete

Usually, if you can't delete a page it's because it has some trouble characters in its name like an ampersand (&) or something. In order to delete the page you'll have to rename it first. And you'll have to rename it "the hard way" because that ampersand won't let you rename it "the easy way" (via Page Properties) for the same reason it won't let you delete the page.

So here's the step by step for manually renaming a page called "Milo & Otis" to "Milo and Otis" so it won't give you any more problems.

  1. Go to Main Menu > Database Table Manager
  2. Select the site_pages table from the drop-down menu
  3. Hit the "Enter/Edit Record Data" button
  4. When the table pulls up click the link on the top right that says "Run custom query"
  5. Put the following tn the text box that pops-up and hit the "Run Query" button...
update site_pages set page_name = 'Milo and Otis' where page_name = 'Milo & Otis'

Once you follow these steps you should be able to delete, rename, etc the page as normal.

Find/Edit custom table search includes

Via FTP, the files are located here...


File naming convention...

udt-search_[search name].inc

Example file name...

You can download these files to your PC, modify them, then upload them back to that /media folder and you're good to go.

Link to specific month/year in you event calendar

In the text editor, select the text you want to link and hit the little link icon/button next to the paint bucket. Then in the link dialog that pops up, in the field that says "(or) Link / Anchor:" and has "http://" already in the field, do this...

Note: Replace "About_Us" with the name of the page that you dropped you're calendar on, and replace the month and year numbers with whatever month/year you want to jump to.

Reset your hit counter

  1. Log-in to your site via FTP
  2. Browse to the "sohoadmin/filebin/" folder
  3. Delete hitcounter.txt

Move license from subdomain to primary domain

  1. Log-in to the partner area
  2. Click on "Lifetime Licenses"
  3. Delete the license listed for your subdomain
  4. Click "Add Domain"
  5. Fill-in the name of your primary domain and click "Generate License"

Download page content files

Via FTP, the files are located here...


What's the difference between CON and REGEN files?

In short, CON files are for the website-side, REGEN files are for the admin-side.

CON files
When a visitor views a page on your website, script files read the CON file for that page and use it to build the final HTML for the page. CON files tell the website-side scripts that you've got a cart item, a login box, and this text on this page.
REGEN files
These are used by Soholaunch's Page Editor. When you open a page in Soholaunch to edit it, the REGEN file for that page is read and it tells the product what objects are on the page and which dropzones to display them in.

When you save a page in the Page Editor, it saves a REGEN file for that page so it knows what edit options to show you in the Page Editor the next time you edit that page, and then it builds a CON file for the page so that the website-side scripts know what to display to site visitors.

Upload video files via FTP

Via FTP, the files are located here...


Find/Edit the default contact forms

Contact forms
Via FTP, the files are located here...


The files are:

  • Contact_Form_(Basic).form
  • General_Email_Form.form

Newsletter quick signup form
The file for this is located here...


Points to remember:

  • Though they're technicaly just html files, make sure to preserve the .form extension when you upload them back to your site so the system can recognize them (which is the whole idea behind the .form extension --- so know it's a form).

Find your template folder

1. Log-in via FTP to your website and navigate to this folder...


2. Find the folder for your specific template. This is the naming convention for template folders..


So if you're using CORPORATE > A_Curvacious_Mark (Blue), your template folder would be...


...and the full path from your home directory would be:


Swap out your template header text for a logo image

1. Download the index.html file from your template folder

2. Find (ctrl+f) "#LOGO#"

3. Replace it with "#LOGOIMG#"

4. Save the file and upload it back to your template folder

You can now add and change the logo image in your template via Template Manager (where it says choose logo image).

Set background image

1. Log-in via FTP and find your template's folder...

2. Upload the image you want to use as your background to that folder

3. Download the custom.css file that's in there and open it up in your code editor of choice (or notepad will work if nothing else)

4. Add in this code...

body { background-image: url(mybackgroundimage.gif); }

5. Save the file (custom.css) and upload it back to your template's folder

Make a button that links to another website, but opens that link in a new window?

Solution: Pull up the Text Editor where you put in the button, click on the "HTML" button at the bottom left.

The HTML for your button should look something like this...

<input type="button" style="width: 163px; color: 
rgb(29, 0, 237); height: 24px; background-color: rgb(249, 186, 0);"
size="217" value="Click here to go to">

To make this button link to "", insert the following "onclick" attribute...


So the full code for the button should look something like...

<input type="button" onclick="'','',
'width=800px, height=600px,resizable');"
style="width: 163px; color: rgb(29, 0, 237); 
height: 24px; background-color: rgb(249, 186, 0);" 
size="217" value="My Button">

Just replace "" with the site you want to link to, and you're good to go.

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