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Directories Written to by Pro Edition

Location What's written here and why Problems that arise if not writeable

(docroot: aka htdocs, httpdocs, etc.)

  • client files (except shopping-cart files) - copied here every time you log-in to sohoadmin.
  • Copies of each site page as .php files (i.e. Home_Page.php) - written here every time you save a new site page for better Search Engine Optimization.
  • Downloaded build files - When you run the Software Updates feature it downloads the latest version build to this directory then extracts it from here.
  • Software updates won't work - you'll typically get an error like "unable to download new build file".
  • Buggy and/or non-working website features after updating versions....because the newer copies of the pgm- client files can't copy over.
  • config, filebin folders created on initial install/first login after installing.
  • You won't be able to install the product. Rare that this is an issue. Usually people get past here.
  • On install: core configuration files
  • On update: New build.conf.php with latest build info, new copy of version_compatibility_updates.php which is responsible for making sure your site is compatible with certain code changes in the update build.

Generally, this folder gets locked-down after install the worse that's going to happen is that you won't get the latest version compatibility updates (which may cause one or all features to break...but usually just causes quirks and general annoyances) and/or the version number in the footer in the admin interface will not update to reflect the new update version.

  • Page content files
  • Site license and remote config files
  • Miscellenous text data files (i.e. hitcounter.txt)
  • Error when you log-in: Cannot write license key file.
  • Cannot save page content.
  • Hit Counter stops counting
  • Error at bottom of main menu: Cannot open currentuser.log
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