Soholaunch Installer for cPanel

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The Soholaunch Installer for cPanel allows the web host's end-customer (cPanel user) to install Soholaunch Pro Edition on his/her website(s). This will add a Soholaunch icon to cPanel that users click on to access the installer.


  • Root access to cPanel server
  • Comfort with uploading and extracting .tgz/.tar files on your server via SSH command prompt.


  1. Download the soho-cp-inst.tar.gz from here.
  2. Login as root through SSH.
  3. Upload soho-cp-inst.tar.gz to the /usr/local/cpanel/base/frontend/x/cells folder. If there is no cells folder, create one.
  4. Extract the tar.gz in the cells folder.
  5. Done!
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