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We've set up this site to act as a central knowledgebase for all things Soholaunch. At this point, the site's still a baby, with only a few scattered pages of content, so if you're just browsing for an answer, solution, etc. to specific question/problem you have, then you'll probably have better luck searching the [Soholaunch Community Forum] or even the regular User's Manual. And hey, if you do find your answer on the forums, maybe you could come back to this site and write a quick tip/article about it... you could even include a little "this tip/article brought to you by..." blurb with a link to your company website...

Note: This is not meant to replace the standard User's Manual. We (Soholaunch) created it because we wanted a place to quickly post random/specialized information (i.e. installation troubleshooting, customization tricks, etc) without having to stop and think about private-branding issues or whether it might be so specialized (only relavant to a small minority) that it's existence might end up confusing more people than it helps.

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