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Rename/Delete a page that won't delete

Usually, if you can't delete a page it's because it has some trouble characters in its name like an ampersand (&) or something. In order to delete the page you'll have to rename it first. And you'll have to rename it "the hard way" because that ampersand won't let you rename it "the easy way" (via Page Properties) for the same reason it won't let you delete the page.

So here's the step by step for manually renaming a page called "Milo & Otis" to "Milo and Otis" so it won't give you any more problems.

  1. Go to Main Menu > Database Table Manager
  2. Select the site_pages table from the drop-down menu
  3. Hit the "Enter/Edit Record Data" button
  4. When the table pulls up click the link on the top right that says "Run custom query"
  5. Put the following tn the text box that pops-up and hit the "Run Query" button...
update site_pages set page_name = 'Milo and Otis' where page_name = 'Milo & Otis'

Once you follow these steps you should be able to delete, rename, etc the page as normal.

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