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If you're a developer and you're trying to edit any pgm-*.php files in the document root folder or shopping folder, keep in mind that these files exist in two locations.

Master Location Gets copied to... (a.k.a. "docroot location")
public_html/sohoadmin/client_files/base_files public_html
public_html/sohoadmin/client_files/calendar public_html
public_html/sohoadmin/client_files/demo_include public_html/media
public_html/sohoadmin/client_files/newsletter public_html/subscription
public_html/sohoadmin/client_files/photo_album public_html
public_html/sohoadmin/client_files/secure_login public_html
public_html/sohoadmin/client_files/shopping_cart public_html/shopping
public_html/sohoadmin/client_files/statistics public_html

Copied over at log-in

When you log-in to manage your website with Soholaunch Pro Edition, the files in these directories get copied from the master location to their docroot location. This is done to make sure you've logged-in once after doing a version update to give any associated database update routines, etc. a chance to do their thing before your website starts running off of the new runtime code and potentially requiring such updates to function properly.

How to work on these files

You can approach modification of these files a couple of different ways.

Recommended way... Work on the the copy of the file in the docroot location. That way you just have to upload it and refresh to see your changes applied. Just make sure that you don't log-in to the Soholaunch admin tool while you're working on it because the original master will get copied to the docroot location as normal and over-write your modified file. Then when you're done with your modification upload your modified copy to overwrite the master file in client_files.

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