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If you've ever been in the Database Table Manager feature you might have noticed a table named UDT_CONTENT_SEARCH_REPLACE. Here's the skinny....

Quick Example of how it works

Let's say you want to replace "Susie Smith" with "Susie Jones" on every page of your website...

  1. Go to Database Table Manager
  2. Select the UDT_CONTENT_SEARCH_REPLACE table from the drop-down
  3. Hit the "Enter/Edit Record Data" button
  4. Hit the "Add New Record" button
  5. In the "SEARCH FOR (STRING) :" field put "Susie Smith"
  6. In the "REPLACE WITH (BLOB) :" field put "Susie Jones"
  7. Hit the "Save New Record Data" button
  8. Done. All occurances of "Susie Smith" in your page content will be replaced with "Susie Jones" when the page is displayed to your site visitors.


  • Replace action happens dynamically when page is loaded for site visitor. Text is not actually replaced in your saved page content. As in, if you go edit that page in the Page Editor the original text (i.e. Susie Smith) will still be there. What this means is that you can play around with the UDT_CONTENT_SEARCH_REPLACE table without permanently affecting your content...whatever you do you can un-do by simply deleting that row in the table via Database Table Manager.
  • The search for/replace with fields accept html, so you could for example link every occurance of certain to some page (like the text "Susie Smith" could be replaced with <a href="index.php?pr=Bios">Susie Smith</a>)
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