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The Menu Display System creates a basic, graphical and/or text-based menu system for sites not utilizing custom-designed navigation schemes. To create such a system for your site, click on Menu Display from the Main Menu. You should now see your Menu Pages listed on the left, under “Available Pages.”

The Text Link and Button options select whether the site’s navigation will utilize buttons or text links. The text menu will display your Main Menu and sub-menu buttons in text format, linked to the appropriate pages. This is useful to people viewing your site who may not wish to view images or wait for images to load before moving to another page within your site. Again, this option may or may not be available to you depending on the template design, but is standard in all templates included in the Soholaunch.

Creating/Adding Menu buttons

The Menu Display System creates a series of menu buttons or text links on your web site based on the page names and ranking order that you assign them. Using the Menu Display Setup menu, select the site pages that you wish to display as menu buttons.

  • To start placing your pages on the menu, select a page name from the “Available Pages” column, and click the "Add Main" button.
  • The menu will display in the order you place the page names, from top to bottom. When finished, click "Save Menu Systems".
  • If you wish to utilize sub-menu buttons, you may add them to your Menu Display by clicking on the "Add Sub" button. Sub-menus are menu buttons (pages) that are displayed below or within a page that is setup on your main menu. For example, if you setup a main menu button called “About Us,” with a sub-menu button entitled “Staff.” Site visitors viewing the “About Us” page would see the “Staff” underneath the “About Us” button on the Menu Display system.
  • When you are satisfied with your Menu Display, click "Save Menu System".

Changing Button Color

Select the text color and button color that you wish to use for your dynamically created buttons. For more advanced users, the HEX value can be inserted (include pound sign) in the “Custom” color field for exact color matching. A real-time preview will display the currently-selected color combinations so that you can see your choices before saving. When finished, click on “Save Button Colors.”

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