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The Soholaunch cPAddon Script allows web host's end-customer (the cPanel user) to install Soholaunch Pro Edition through cPanels built-in cPAddons Script Library.

What you'll need for the install

  • Root access to cPanel server
  • Comfort with uploading and extracting .tgz/.tar files on your server via SSH command prompt.

Installation step-by-step

  1. Login to WHM as root
  2. On the left hand menu locate the cPanel options and click "Install cPAddon Scripts".
  3. Under the "Add/Remove Venders" section of this page enter the url and click "Update Vendors".
  4. Once the install completes click the back button.
  5. You will now see Soholaunch as an option to install on the "Install cPAddons Scripts" page.
  6. To make Soholaunch available for all cPanel users click the checkbox next to Soholaunch and click the "Update Addon Config" button at the bottom of the list.
  7. This will add Soholaunch as a installable script through the "Scripts Library" within cPanel.

Notes, dire warnings, etc.

IF YOU INSTALL OVER YOUR EXSISTING SOHOLAUNCH SITE USING THIS CPADDON YOUR SITE WILL SEEM TO DISAPEAR If you install over an existing installation a note is added to the installation complete screen telling you that the sohoadmin/config/isp.conf.php has been moved to the doc root and renamed to isp.conf.BAK.php. The isp.conf.php contains all global site settings like doc root paths, domain, mysql info. There is a note about this on the install screen and the installation complete screen but I am sure it will happen to someone.

To fix the issue follow the following steps.

  1. Calm down, the site is still there.
  2. Copy the isp.conf.BAK.php from the doc root to the sohoadmin/config folder and overwrite/rename the file to isp.conf.php.
  3. Re-login to sohoadmin and your site will be restored, you may have to close out all browser windows before this will work.
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