What's the deal with the 15 day free trial?

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When you log-in to the Soholaunch admin panel, you may notice a pop-up message notifying you that you have 15 days left to use the advanced features, and when that time is up you'll have to buy the full version if you want to keep using the advanced features, or you can just use the basic features forever for free?


How it worked before the 15-day free trial program

In the past, before we started the free trial program, when you logged into the Soholaunch admin panel on a site that hadn't been licensed (read: a site that nobody had purchased a full-featured license for), you would just see the basic features and the advanced features would be disabled (grayed-out).

The only difference now is that for 15 days, those advanced features are actually useable instead of being grayed-out.

But I thought the base version of Soholaunch was totally free?

The basic version of Soholaunch is totally free. The only difference now is that you also get the full advanced version for free too (for 15 days).

But my site(s) is/are supposed have all the features enabled by default

If you have a website or server license (i.e., you have purchased a website license or you are/are hosted by a web host who has a server license), and you know you're supposed to have all of the advanced features enabled with no restrictions like the 15 day free trial, then you may be encountering a problem with your license.

If you think this might apply to you, please log-in to the partner area and submit a support ticket and we will address the licensing problem asap.

More notes for web hosting companies

If you want your customers to only have the basic version by default, without the free trial, then you can disable the free 15 day trial functionality via Partner Area > Branding Controls.

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