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How does the version update process work? What about plugin file mods?

Here's an outline of how the Software Updates process works (technically). Note: This page really meant for plugin developers, modders, etc.

User clicks "install this update" and then it...

  1. Downloads tgz file for choosen update build from Soholaunch's servers to the docroot folder. Docroot must be writeable or will error here.
  2. Working from docroot, extracts downloaded tgz file containing sohoadmin folder full of latest program files. When extract happens existing program files under sohoadmin directory are overwritten with the newer version of themselves from the downloaded build file. So basically: You have a public_html folder with a sohoadmin folder in it, you extract a zip file containing a newer sohoadmin folder on top of the old sohoadmin folder. Doesn't actually kill/replace the sohoadmin folder itself. Just overwrites any files already on the site and also in new build with the newer file.
  3. Re-installs all plugin file modifications to newly copied set of program files.
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